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Meter Testing, Repair & Calibration

In-Shop Services Include:

  • Meter Testing
  • N.I.S.T. Traceable Testing
  • Refurbishment & Upgrading*
  • Rebuilt Meters**
  • Meter Exchange Programs
  • Measuring Elemental Exchange Program

  • * A repaired or refurbished meter has been completely disasembled, cleaned and has had worn parts replaced.
    ** A rebuilt meter has had the measuring chamber replaced with a factory made new unit.
    All repaired or rebuilt meters are tested and certified to meet and exceed A.W.W.A. specifications.

Minimize Your Cost

All conventional meters are mechanical designs. Age and usage cause them to wear and lose accuracy. For communities without the necessary expertise, tools or budget to service meters in house, Hydro Meter has full service meter shop.

We provide individual meter testing for high bill complaints and other customer related issues from an unbiased, "third party" perspective.

Compared to purchasing a new unit, maintaining an existing meter offers substantial cost savings with complete accuracy.

Maximize Your Revenue Stream

Large Meter Testing

Placing our priority on commercial/industrial meters provides the utility with the greatest return on investment. 2" and larger meters generally make up less than 5% of a system, yet they normally account for over 50% of total consumption.

Simply changing a meter or measuring element does not guarantee total accuracy or efficiency. Other factors also contribute to inaccuracy:

  • Water Quality
  • Poor Installation Techniques
  • Improper Application or Sizing
  • Human Error And Tampering

Can all contribute to additional water loss. Hydro Meter's expert technicians will identify and document any and all issues that create incom losses.

Our Full service Program for Large Meters includes:

  • Site Survey & Meter Analysis Profile
  • Meter Testing
  • Revenue Gain & Payback Cycle Report
  • Meter Repair & Rebuilding
  • AMR Upgrades