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Utility Meter, Reading & Billing Service Solutions.

Since 1981, Hydro Meter has helped hundreds of utilities across the country recover millions of dollars lost through inaccurate meters. We offer a full range of professional services and products to restore and maintain meter accuracy.

Our years of experience as an independent contractor have enabled us to work with every brand, type, style and model of meter available:

From your raw water intake to the end user, Hydro Meter has the expertise to maintain, upgrade or change-out your existing meter and reading systems.

100% Satisfaction
100% Quality
100% Accuracy
100% Professional

An Overview of Our Quality Products & Services

  • Water Meters
  • Reading Systems
  • Turn Key Replacement Projects
  • Pre-Fabricated Vaults & Covers
  • Test Benches & Portable Test Equipment
  • Complete Meter shop
  • Field Service Division

Why Hydro Meter Services?

Hydro Meter is commited to assisting municipalities by minimizing costs and maximizing income potential.

By offering superior products and services, Hydro Meter can help you to dramatically increase your revenue, improve your water loss and reduce maintenance costs.

By focusing on meter and reading system efficiencey, Hydro Meter has become a vital partner to municipalities nationwide.